The Glasstaff

After a short rest, the party considers their next course of action. Do they continue on to the next room where they heard jeers and groans, or try to find a more circuitous route around? Eventually, they return to the nothic's cavern, and pass through, seeing no sign of the creature. After some exploring, they come across a secret door, and find themselves in the cistern. Manu, trying to clear his head of his encounter with the nothic, dunks his head in the cool water, and finds a waterproof satchel containing several potions and a change of clothes, tied under the surface. After a bit of noisy discussion about the next direction to move in, they subdue a few Redbrands who had tried to get the jump on them.

After finding the stairs up into the old manor, they move carefully along, deeper into the manor's basement. Thanks to Delthal's dwarven senses, they easily spot a pit trap and set it off from a distance, and use a pair of pitons and rope to create a way to assist them in crossing along the pit's ledge through the entrancehall, and into the mausoleum. Ashen and Elessi, unconcerned by the skeletons and sarcophogi, move towards the next doors, but wake the skeletons. Elessi channels the light of Sune, blinding the undead's sightless senses, and the party makes quick work of them. 

As they continue on past an armory and storeroom, Manu stumbles upon another set of secret doors, and the party surprises Glasstaff in his quarters. On instinct, Manu quickly moves in and snatches away the wizard's staff, and the party together knocks the caster unconscious before he can work his spells. After a quick search of the room, they realize they have in their custody Iarno Albrek, Sildar's missing compatriot. Realizing the potential danger of a member of the Lord's Alliance having been turned by the mysterious Black Spider, they quickly bind and gag Glasstaff, and backtrack through the basement (Ashen noticed a chest at the bottom of the crevasse, but decided not to share the information with the party) and back out into the woods, where they take a moment to question the man.

They find Glasstaff open to talking, though not as helpful as they had hoped in learning the whereabouts of Gundren Rockseeker and Cragmaw Castle, and realize that the bugbears they killed and fed to the nothic may have had the information they needed. Manu begins to ask Glasstaff about the nothic, and Glasstaff taunts the monk knowingly, assuming he must have made a deal with the creature. Glasstaff will only say that he trapped the nothic with arcane wards, though the nothic had been present in the manor before the Redbrands moved in. Glasstaff does give up Walter, a new recruit of the Lord's Alliance who had put Albrek in touch with the necessary contacts to meet with the Black Spider, and decide they need to inform Sildar right away. They deliver Glasstaff to Sildar at the townmaster's hall, where Glasstaff is once again bound and gagged, and placed in a cell. 

Returning to the inn, Elessi and Manu consult with Gethin (whose room, when they knocked on the door, seemed to emit no sound, and was obscured in darkness that their elven eyes could not penetrate) on the nature of nothics and the sorts of wards that could hold them. However, Gethin says that there are no arcane wards that could hold a nothic long term, and shares that nothics are attracted to magic. Luckily, Gethin says that Phandalin has no powerful magical auras within it, aside, of course, from Gethin himself. Feeling the need to deal with the creature, the party retires to their rooms to regain their strength for what may be a difficult encounter.


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