Klarg's Den

During the night, Sildar shared that he believes he heard the goblins mention that Gundren and/or the map to Wave Echo Cave had been taken to Cragmaw Castle, or to the Black Spider. Sildar, however, had no clue as to where this castle was, or who the Black Spider may be. 

Once fully rested, the party continued on through the cave, meeting a lone goblin standing guard on a nearby natural bridge. Ashen quickly charmed the goblin, and the party realized he had a string of bells tied to the waist of his pants. As the party spoke to Mr. Jingles Bojangles, and Manu gently caressed Mr. Bojangles' face, a wolf approached the party and attacked. The party defeated it easily, and convinced Mr. Bojangles to lead them further into the cave. However, while on the bridge, the goblins released a trap they were able to prepare during the night, flooding the cave, but sending only Elessi and Manu back to the stream outside the cave mouth. The rest of the party continued on after Mr. Bojangles, and attacked the goblin camp, killing Mr. Bojangles in the process.

While mourning, the party moved on past the goblin camp, towards a dimly lit room at the back of the cave, stacked with boxes. The party moved in quickly, as they spotted more goblins attempting to hide behind the boxes, but Manu also drew the wrath of Klarg the bugbear and his pet wolf, Ripper. Though Ripper's rage made it difficult for the party's weapons to find purchase on his hide, and Klarg unleashed a severe blow with his bugbear strength upon Delthal, Ashen unleashed her magic upon the bugbear, and then she along with Delthal ended the threat of the remaining combatants. 

The party found a chest full of copper, and discovered the stacks of boxes in the cave to belong to the Lionshield trading company, as well as a few boxes bearing Gundren's seal, but no Gundren, and no map. 

The party escorted Sildar back to Gundren's wagon, and escorted him on to Phandalin. Sildar advised he would seek out his contact, Iarno Albrek, for leads as to Gundren's possible whereabouts, and find a loan to pay the party 50gp for their assistance. Once settling into the town, Sildar rented rooms for the party at the Stonehill Inn (where the men each had individual rooms, and Elessi and Ashen decided to room together when Felix advised he would be staying at the local temple). 

Delthal drove Gundren's wagon to Barthen's Provisions, but decided not to explain the situation of the missing Gundren to Barthen. Ashen and Manu went to the Lionshield Coster and told Linene Graywind that they had found her shipment of goods in the goblin cave, to which she appeared quite thankful. Nox and Elessi went to the Miner's Exchange to exchange the chest of copper for gold. Halia Thornton, the guildmaster of the Exchange, also warned Nox and Elessi to be wary of the local mercenaries, the Redbrands, who had taken up lodging at the local Sleeping Giant tavern. However, Halia also added that should she would be interested in the Redbrands being largely left alive, so long as their leader, Glasstaff, was removed from power. Elessi also asked Halia about a strange foreign coin that Elessi had in her possession — Halia advised she had seen a similar coin recently in the possession of a Red Wizard who may be lurking around the outskirts of town. Nox did not seem pleased.

Regrouping at the inn, the party noticed an elf bearing a staff and many scars had taken up a seat in the inn's lobby.

The party achieved level 3.


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