Redbrand Ruffians

After returning to the Stonehill Inn after completing their errands, the party met in the Inn's lobby and began discussing what they've learned regarding the Redbrands and Glasstaff, and Elessi showed the group a strange gold coin she had in her possession, and said that she was told that the coin apparently had some kind of connection to a Red Wizard she was told might be in the area. As Manu decided he needed to visit the Sleeping Giant Taphouse, he was stopped by an elf sitting in the lobby. Elessi immediately stepped up to Manu and the elf and introduced herself. The elf introduced himself as Gethin, and suggested that he may have a task for a group of adventurers that may net them 1000 gold pieces. However, as the group had also mentioned hearing of a Red Wizard, Gethin advised he had also become aware of the Red Wizard's presence, and would like the party to make sure that the Wizard left the area. Gethin suspected the Red Wizard may be engaged in some kind of necromancy out at the Old Owl Well, and would prefer that the Wizard not be killed so that other Red Wizards would not have a need to investigate. Mention of possibly helping a necromancer did not please Manu, so he left the lobby. Elessi went to raise the issue to the rest of the party, and while she was talking to them, Elessi, Ashen, and Nox got the sense that Gethin was attempting to read their thoughts. Delthal did not seem concerned. Elessi advised Gethin that that was not very nice, and decided to leave the inn, as well. Before following after Elessi and Manu, Ashen attempted to charm Gethin, but the spell did not take effect, so she left the inn, embarassed.

Manu reached the Taphouse, but was confronted on the porch by four individuals wearing red cloaks, who told him that he was not welcome at the Taphouse, and that he and his friends needed to leave. Manu, uninterested in backing down, and unpleased by the men escalating the situation by drawing their weapons, tried to attack with his horseshoe-on-a-rope. The men swarmed around Manu, attacking with their swords, as the rest of the party arrived. Elessi stepped up to defend Manu, while Ashen burned several of them with burning beams of magic. Before anyone was able to deal lethal damage, however, Nox cast a spell and caused all of the thugs to fall asleep.

Elessi confronted Manu about not waiting for her, and tried to shove Manu, but as Manu was too quick, she tripped, and was caught by Manu before she fell on her face.  As the party considered rummaging through the Redbrands' pockets, the owner of the Taphouse, George, came outside and told the party they needed to leave, as he doesn't want any trouble. Manu attempted to convince him otherwise, and the party eventually decided to leave and buy ale at Barthen's Provisions. 

Nox, however, hid nearby and waited to watch the Taphouse. Eventually, a guard came by, and after seeing the sleeping Redbrands, ran off, then returned with several more Redbrands, who carried their unconscious fellows eastward, down the road. 

At Barthen's, the party ran into Sildar talking with Elmar Barthen. Sildar and Delthal cleared up the confusion and managed to gain the 50gp the party was owed. Manu attempted to sell the swords he took from the sleeping Redbrands to Barthen, but Barthen refused, admitting that the Redbrands had been shaking down the local businesses for money and that he could not have their stolen weapons in his establishment, and that the townmaster hasn't done anything about them. Barthen also shared that Gundren's brothers, Nundro and Tharden, had also been in town about a tenday ago, but that they had left to head to some mine or cave. Barthen expected them back any day now to resupply.

Back at Elessi and Ashen's room at the Stonehill Inn, after some confusion about how doors work, Sildar met the group to pay them the 50gp he owed them for escorting him back to town. Nox also returned to the group and shared what he had seen. Sildar shared that the Tresendar Manor, in the easternmost part of town, had been abandoned for about a decade as the previous owners had passed away without any relatives to take over the property. When they asked Sildar about the Red Wizard, Sildar advised that the druid that Qelline Alderleaf was friends with might know something, or Sister Garaele at the shrine could know something, as well.

Delthal and Ashen headed south to the Alderleaf farm, where they met Qelline and her son, Carp. Qelline told them that her druid friend, Reidoth, would certainly know more about the surrounding area, but that she had last seen him a week ago, when he passed through town towards the ruins of Thundertree due to some concerns about cultists. While talking with Qelline, Delthal and Ashen noticed her son, Carp, peeking around a corner. When Qelline asked if the two had been involved in the scuffle with the Redbrands at the Taphouse, Carp piped up saying that he had seen some of the Redbrands earlier, and that he thought they had a secret tunnel out in the woods. Delthal and Ashen coaxed the location of the tunnel out of Carp, and then left when it appeared that Qelline was rather upset with Carp for going out to the woods and being so close to the Redbrands.

Around the same time, Elessi, Manu, and Nox went to the Shrine of Luck. Manu sat down to pray while Elessi and Nox met with Sister Garaele and Felix Eran. The Sister was pleased at the mention that the group had had an encounter with the Redbrands that left four of the mercenaries unconscious. When they asked about a necromancer, Garaele admitted she had sensed something that gave her unease that could potentially be some sign of necromancy being worked, but that it was not so close to town that she thought it might be an immediate threat. Garaele and Felix shared that they were discussing a task set on them by their superiors — a spirit named Agatha, in Conyberry, might know something about a long lost spellbook of the mage Bowgentle, but Garaele had been unable to summon Agatha and speak to her about it. Elessi offered to try for them, and Garaele gave her a jeweled silver comb to try offering to the spirit in an attempt to appeal to Agatha's vanity. Before the group leaves, Felix and Garaele speak to Elessi in private for a few moments.

When the party meets back up at the Inn, after more confusion about the difference between inside and outside a door, the party decides to eat in their room and discuss what they've learned. When Elessi goes downstairs to get food, she once again sees Gethin in the lobby. Wanting to be sure to get the message across, Elessi stops at his table and lets him know he should ask rather than reading minds, and Gethin advises he didn't want to wait for them to stop talking. Elessi leaves him, buying him an ale.

The party rests in their rooms, with Manu trancing in the hallway, where he notices Gethin returning to his own room, and then discusses their plan for the day while magical smudges appear on Elessi's otherwise spotless armor.


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